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Chipset Windows driver (monitor mode) Linux Drivers Note
Atheros v4.2 or v3.0.1.12 or AR5000
(see this page for more information)
MadwifiUSB is not supported by madwifi atm
AtmelAtmel 76c503a AT76C503/505A based USB WLAN adapters
BroadcomBroadcom peek driverbcm43xxWindows: Old models only
Linux: always use latest -rc kernel
Centrino b ipw2100802.11b only
Centrino b/g ipw2200See IPW2200 and RF-Mon
Centrino a/b/g ipw2915
ipw2915 uses ipw2200 driver
Cisco/Aironet Cisco PCX500/PCX504 peek driver airo-linux 4500/4800/340/350 series firmware 4.25.30 recommended
Hermes I Agere peek driver Orinoco
Orinoco Monitor Mode Patch
802.11b only
NdiswrapperN/A ndiswrapper Using windows drivers in linux.
It will never work with aircrack
prism2/2.5LinkFerret or aerosol HostAP
Use STA firmware >=1.5.6 (see Prism2 flashing)
802.11b only
prismGT PrismGT by 500brabus prism54 only FullMAC cards works with aircrack on Linux
Ralink rt2x00 Only rt2500, rt2570, and rt73 can inject and monitor
Realtek 8180 Realtek peek driver rtl8180-sa2400 802.11b only
Realtek 8187 rtl8187 Supports all attacks including fragmentation and ska
ZyDAS 1201 zd1211

See also Compatibility

If you don't know what kind of chipset you have, take a lot at this list for resources.

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